Recent projects

Recent projects


In a world where everybody is obsessed with the way they look, and on social media everybody is perfect, happy and successful, FILTERLESS is a project meant to take off this mask of fake perfection and the present people the way they are, with the good and the bad, with the struggles and the challenges of life. We are trying so much to reach the standards imposed by facebook or Instagram …and, in trying to look perfect, we forget who we really are. 

The project is composed of o series of black of white portraits of people who found themselves at a crossroad in their lives. In 2021, there was an exhibition at The National Art Museum in Constanţa, followed by another one at the National Opera in Oradea.

The soundtrack for the slideshow is the amazing song – The Storm, by Havasi ( 

Mud and Dust.

In a way, this project is a continuation of Filterless, only this time I am trying to find the roots, the reasons why people react and behave in a very violent way, especially on social media, where they feel powerfull and safe from behind the keyboard. We are all distracted by the dust they throw …fake news, manipulation and hate. As a result, we feel superior, we begin to insult other people, to react at hate speaches with hate…the mud in our souls and hearts comes to the surface.

The sountrack for the slideshow, which was also an inspiration for the project, is the song “Muddy Waters” by LP (